Why do I need to record information about my fire doors?

To help you gain clarity about the need for recording fire door data, we’ve put together responses to a number of the questions that we are frequently asked about the subject.

What are the benefits of recording new fire door installations?

Recording new fire door installations ensured installation records are maintained and attached to each door’s history. Critical data of who fitted and when, along with photographic evidence clearly demonstrates that standards have been maintained through the installation process. Installers have clear access to manufacturer’s guides, parts listings, and certificates to support them in their important job role.

What are the benefits of recording inspection reports for fire doors?

Recording fire door inspection reports helps those accountable understand their responsibilities and implement systems to support them. If an inspected fire door is non-compliant, then providing a comprehensive report about what needs to be fixed enables those responsible for remediating the doors to ensure they are brought back up to full compliance. Essentially, data can be made available about stock condition surveying and ongoing regulatory inspections, to whomever needs it, when they need it.

At what point in the door’s lifecycle should I start recording information about it?

Ideally, a door’s record should begin with the door manufacturer, however starting to record information about a door at any point in its lifecycle is better late than never! Providing an integrated door data pin at the point of manufacture enables manufacturers to grant easy access to critical information required by fire door installers such as installation instructions and warranty. This is not only beneficial for installers, inspectors, and asset managers, but offers enhanced benefits to the manufacturer through the admin efficiencies created, but also through both the manufacturer and their customers having the knowledge that they are doing the right thing to support building safety, which on a human level we can all agree is priceless.

If a data pin is not fitted at the manufacturing stage, then it is easily fitted at installation, inspection or at the point that remedial works take place. From that point onwards, every person who inspects or works on the door can add information about the door’s status, aiding to build the bigger picture for their clients to demonstrate compliance.

Is it a legal requirement that I record information about my fire doors?

Yes, under the Building Safety Act (which was passed into Law in April 2022), the owners of a building must be able to prove that safety has been at the forefront of the planning, construction, and long-term maintenance processes, and that all safety risks are being considered. This information will need to be maintained digitally. The standards required to meet these new regulations will be considerably more thorough than under previous laws.

Find out more about the Building Safety Act here.

Whilst the Golden Thread, which was mentioned throughout the various drafts of the Bill, is not specifically mentioned in the final version of the act, the principles of the idea remain the same.

Find out more about the principles of the Golden Thread here.

Who is responsible for recording fire door data?

Anybody who installs, inspects, or remediates a fire door is responsible for recording/updating the doors information.

Ultimately the responsibility for demonstrating compliance falls on the responsible person (asset owner or manager), however as professionals are contracted to carry out works, recording this data and providing it to the responsible person to evidence their building’s compliance is the responsibility of anybody working on the door.

How do I know that the data I record is secure?

Opting for a record system provider that is independent will help ensure that the data uploaded is secure and being used correctly.

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