The Importance of Fire Door Awareness & Installation Training

Why are fire doors important?

Fire doors are an essential safety feature in both residential and commercial buildings. A fire door is a specially constructed, reinforced door that has been fitted in a fire door frame within a key doorway to slow down the rate of a fire within a building.

How do fire doors protect buildings and inhabitants?

Fire doors are a legal requirement in all non-domestic properties and must protect key escape corridors, and all new builds or renovated residential buildings with three or more floors must have internal fire doors fitted between a stairwell and a habitable room; between the house and internal garage; and in loft conversions. Fire doors are a containment measure rather than a preventative measure and function to slow down the spread of a fire by potentially limiting the supply of oxygen to a fire and preventing a fire from reaching potential fuel sources whilst protecting escape routes from flames, gases and smoke.

Who needs to understand the importance of fire door compliance?

These clear classifications and rigid legal requirements are the responsibility of the Responsible Person for each building – the employer, owner, landlord or occupier – who is legally obligated to install and maintain fire doors.

Who needs to understand how to achieve fire door compliance?

Any individual installing a fire door should be fully trained and have a clear understanding of the regulations and rules regarding fire doors. Similarly, anyone who inspects and maintains fire doors needs to have a clear and up-to-date understanding of all fire door regulations and standards.  

Who offers fire door installation training?

Door Data Systems offers a selection of fire door training courses at their purpose-built training facility in Malvern. Door Data Systems offers manufacturer-backed and nationally accredited training in awareness and installation, with a focus upon understanding the importance of fire doors and door sets, the importance of correct installation and the legislation regarding fire doors. The courses are delivered by a highly qualified and industry-renowned instructor, Ken Parker, with the training facility allowing for a highly practical and immersive approach to support theory, knowledge, and a practical understanding.

Which fire door training courses do Door Data Systems offer?

Focusing predominantly on theory and knowledge and building upon years of industry experience, this training course focuses upon legislation, building regulations, information and common faults within fire doors to offer a varied and comprehensive understanding of fire doors.

A one-day, intensive recognised course held in The Centre of Excellence to provide a thorough and comprehensive understanding of fire door safety and a good working knowledge of fire door installation & maintenance. This training course also provides practical installation training in conjunction with VLine Doorsets; these doors come with Door Data Systems chips already installed and help develop the participants working understanding of the “Golden Thread of Evidence” within the industry. Delivered by accredited and approved instructors.

DDS strongly supports third-party certification if required by an organisation.

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