Door Data Systems provides the very best solutions in supporting fire door Compliance across all trades associated with Fire Doors. From manufacturing, through to installation, inspection and maintenance, all processes are uniquely recorded. The most comprehensive of ‘Golden Threads’ are automated, providing companies and nominated individuals (Duty Holders) to effectively manage and demonstrate a responsible approach to fire door compliance.

Each trade within the supply chain benefits individually adding their own bit of information to create a bigger picture. The system is easy to use and can be utilised at any stage in the doors lifecycle making Door Data Systems flexible and useable across each trade whether it be new doors or existing stock condition surveying and ongoing compliance inspections.

To assist with continued development and further support trades, working relationships have already been established with the likes of Rapidspec and Orion Biz to ensure data export and upload is even quicker for door manufacturers and modifiers.


Manufacturers ensure that the correct OM information is attached to each and every door, making recall of critical information easily available. Manufacturers can now clearly identify parts (ironmongery), add certifications, installation guides and warranties.

The process takes away any confusion and ensures that the manufacturers’ clients can clearly access door specific data when they need it. Manufacturers can expect a reduction in support related phone calls, and the manufacturers who supply parts and repair services can expect improved efficiency.

The biggest and most important factor is that manufacturers using Door Data Systems are providing the information to ensure that during the doors lifecycle, its integrity can be maintained effectively and the ‘Golden Thread’ of records has the very best start.


Providing evidence of works undertaken with the installation of fire doors has never had more focus than today. Door Data Systems has worked with a collection of installation and FM companies to gather a detailed picture of what was required. Installation companies now can effectively record, manage, and access information to ensure that installations are fully compliant and feeding their records directly into the door’s history, whilst maintaining their individual records.

Using Door Data Systems to record and manage installations is quick and easy for installers and supervisors. Door Data Systems installation recording is door specific and eliminates the need for dragging photographic records and the sorting of untold data in the back office.

The installation record is added to the door’s history, recording who fitted and who signed off. As well as capturing third party certification details and full training for installation administrators and field operatives. A support line for help is also available if needed.

Regulatory Inspections

Adding the data tag to existing door stocks, registering the door and completing a stock condition survey starts the journey of improved efficiencies.

The inspector completes a series of industry questions, adding comments based on their professional opinion with regards to the condition and undertakings required.

The answers are supported by photographic records, ensuring a detailed report is maintained.

The assignment of works to inhouse and / or external inspectors is easy and efficient, door specifications including parts listing and certification can be added to each door,  building a platform to improve efficiencies during the remaining doors life.

Professional inspectors will find many benefits of using Door Data Systems, more so than providing their clients with an easy to use system, for monitoring stocks moving forward, quick inspections and fully automated reports. Simply transfer information and findings all adding to an improved service.

Property Professionals

Duty Holders, Building Safety Managers, Fire Officers, Compliance Managers, Asset Directors, Project Managers and all those who are either responsible or accountable for the safety of personnel who are visiting, living or working in a building can, when engaging.

With Door Data Systems be sure that the very best of information is available to demonstrate compliance, support those maintaining doors as well as improve total efficiencies.

Specifying Door Data Systems provides the perfect platform to manage doors, if you want a system that simply ticks a box then don’t call us.

If you want a system that brings genuine benefits and supports best practices, enables persons and organisations of accountability to fully understand their stocks, if you want an independent system that has no bias to organisations or supplier, that supports all trades through the supply chain, provides an impartial view and an open informative approach that has the genuine interest in the products and services being recorded then Door Data Systems is for you and your organisation.


Quite simply specify Door Data Systems and you are ‘good to go’!