New Performance Doorset Solutions and Door Data Systems Partnership to Champion a Commitment to Fire Door Safety and Efficiency

PDS’ new collaboration with a business hailed as ‘the most advanced fire door management system on the market’ promises long-lasting safety and compliance benefits for all PDS’ products. 

Established in 2003 with a vision to offer a diverse range of doors with a clear emphasis on safety and efficiency, PDS has a long-standing commitment to continuous improvement, investment, and innovative product development. Offering a wide range of doors and joinery that are widely used within the UK construction industry, PDS prides itself on being in complete control of the entire production process by manufacturing, assembling, and decorating all items in-house. The new partnership with Door Data Systems will allow PDS to expand this commitment to efficiency and accountability past the construction site and into the day-to-day maintenance and inspection of doors, providing PDS clients with a built-in platform to monitor and access door safety information.

Door Data Systems provides a system and app for tracking fire door information with a clear focus on improving efficiency and supporting safer environments. As a leading solution in Fire Door traceability and accountability, the system allows businesses to record and manage installations quickly and easily and combines all the records and data of a door’s installation into a manageable system for future use. As well as providing clear information about the installation, Door Data Systems is used to record all the inspections and safety reports a door will undergo during its’ lifetime, reducing the need for 3rd party involvement and guaranteeing that all inspections and maintenance can be performed quickly, comprehensively, and with all the details clearly laid out in one place. The system improves the efficiency of inspections, enables accountability, and offers life-long support for industry professionals throughout the doors’ lifetime.

By installing Door Data Systems pin at the manufacturing stage, PDS ensures that all doorsets begin their lives with clear reports and information, ensuring that the door’s integrity can be guaranteed and maintained easily and efficiently from the very beginning. By utilising Door Data Systems’ cutting-edge, industry-leading technology, PDS joins the list of companies committed to improving the process of maintaining fire doors and improving industry practice.

The partnership’s mission is to improve door safety across a range of projects and builds and to champion a commitment to safety and efficiency in all construction projects that PDS is involved with. PDS clients are guaranteed a sophisticated and cutting-edge addition to the existing PDS range, in keeping with PDS’s commitment to continual investment and improvement.

Speaking on the partnership between the two companies, PDS Director Kevin Barnes touched upon the widespread benefits of utilising DDS, calling it “an effective way to move the necessary information to clients in digital format” as well as praising Door Data System’s commitment to “fully support best practices of sharing data to improve efficiencies with inspection and maintenance, ensuring our clients get the very best from PDS.”

The new partnership with Door Data Systems represents the latest step in PDS’ long-standing commitment to safety and efficiency and the benefits of this collaboration will be felt and observed for years to come.

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