Matrix Projects Streamlines Processes and Instils Customer Confidence with Door Data Systems

Door Data Systems has been working closely with Matrix Projects for the past year and has seen the projects division continue to develop into an operation that boasts reputable service in delivering Fire Doors into Health, education, and housing sectors.

As a highly professional contractor, Matrix are very focused on compliance and customer service, and have set themselves apart by providing a wealth of information on products used and evidencing works completed.

The Problem

Chris Butler, Matrix Managing Director explains; ‘’Having worked with a lot of clients for well over 25 years, we were very aware of the continued issues they were experiencing when it came to ironmongery replacement or ironmongery upgrades to Fire Doors. For many years orders were simply placed and locks/latches/closers were supplied, and we had no idea how they were being used or where.’’

Originally focusing solely on the supply of ironmongery, over the past few years Chris explained that this started to change as more advice was being sought from his clients, along with recommendations for appropriately trained and certified installers, maintenance engineers and inspectors.  It wasn’t long before Matrix were being asked to visit sites and the next step was for Matrix to be third-party assessed and offer a more inclusive service themselves.

Matrix worked with Door Data Systems to ensure they had a comprehensive system in place to solve the myriad of problems that previously existed in the market.

Our Solution

Peter Angliss, Head of Projects at Matrix sets out his reason for using Door Data Systems. ‘’When we entered the supply and fit of Fire Doors, we were adamant that we had a future-proof system. Not only a system on which we could we fully record the installations, but we could also easily transfer the information in a digital format to our clients. Door Data systems has totally streamlined our processes and now all our doors, including supply-only doors, are all data tagged with Door Data Systems.’’

Chris Butler continued; ‘’The adding of door specifications, fire certifications, global assessments, security certification, Installation guides and warranties is simply allowing large uploads of doors in minutes saving large amounts of administration time with the supply of OEM information. The bit that convinced me was, being an ironmongery company, the ability to view exactly what had been used so easily, ‘select the door open parts list’, this will provide huge benefits to the door owners and maintenance engineers in the future.’’

Working in partnership to better serve the industry

Door Data Systems has worked closely with Matrix from the outset, presenting to many Matrix customers as well as working with their supply chain. It was immediately a good working relationship, Jim Kerr (Director, Door Data Systems) saw the passion that Matrix has to get things right and it was very apparent that Matrix would fully utilise Door Data Systems. We don’t just sign our clients up to use the system and leave them to get on with it, we support them to fully integrate it and maximise the added value that they and their clients can achieve with it.

Door Data Systems is a totally independent platform, this allows all manufacturers and installers to add their data with complete confidence. Only those who need the data can access the data and the data goes with the door.

We work with a wide variety of stakeholders, from fire door manufacturers, to installers, inspectors, facility managers and clients, demonstrating how we add value in real-world applications across the entire lifecycle of the door. Speak to us for more examples of how we’re adding value out there in the real world.

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