Free Webinar: Golden Thread – The Digital Transformation of Fire Safety

This webinar was delivered live on Thursday 24th November, brought to you by Sentry Doors and Door Data Systems which gave viewers insight into the digital transformation of building and fire safety legislation. 
With the new building and fire safety legislation that has been introduced, it is vital that you understand what is required to improve your buildings’ safety. Under the Acts, the government is calling for more frequent maintenance checks on fire doors and are making it a legal requirement to keep a digital record of all building safety information, to ensure a Golden Thread of information can be achieved.  
Join Craig Peckett, Operations Director at Sentry Doors, and Jim Kerr, Director at Door Data Systems, for an insightful discussion on the incoming legislation on fire door safety and how establishing a digital record-keeping process for the management of fire doors will ensure you are in line with the Golden Thread of information.

In this free webinar, now accessible on demand, you will learn about:
– The new legislation around fire door safety and how it impacts you as a Housing Association or Local Authority. 
– The Golden Thread and its importance.
– The digital system and how it supports the Golden Thread. 
– How Door Data Systems works throughout the lifecycle of a door. 
– Ways the system can support Asset Owners to compliance. 

Watch the webinar on demand here.

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