Door Data Systems goes the extra mile for GPM

Door Data Systems has been working closely with GPM for the past 3 years, supplying them and their clients with the most advanced tool for asset management and fire door traceability on the market.

GPM are a British Architectural Door & Joinery Manufacturer with extensive expertise in the field of Door Manufacturing for domestic and commercial application. GPM Group specialises in high quality extensively tested timber fire door sets for Local Authority and Housing Associations, offering a full survey, certified manufacture, and certified FIRAS installation.

The Problem

With the implementation of the Building Safety [England] Act in January 2023, there are new legal requirements for responsible persons of all multi-occupied residential buildings in England with storeys above 11 metres in height. Alan Brown, Managing Director at GPM explains ‘’All Local Authorities are now required to have some sort of system in place where they can share fire door information. Door Data Systems makes this very easy – it’s digital, quick and easy to use, and it really helps us to demonstrate that we are doing the right things to support our clients in their responsibilities when we’re tendering for schemes. It provides full asset management for our clients, and it puts us above the rest.”

Our Solution

Door Data Systems is not only helping to keep clients of GPM compliant, but it’s making their lives easier. Alan shares “When clients want information on a door, rather than having to hold all of that information on their system in loads of emails and photos, they literally just walk up to a door, scan the plug and it gives them all of the information they need.”

Door Data Systems provides a modern solution which drives overall efficiencies with an unmatched level of service. Alan adds “There are other systems on the market with a similar goal, but by my assessment they aren’t as comprehensive, and the service we get from Jim at Door Data Systems is second to none. It’s one of those companies that’s just thorough, straight forward and answers your questions. The benefits we get from working with Door Data Systems far outweigh the costs associated with installing the chips in the first place.”

Working in partnership

Jim Kerr, Managing Director at Door Data Systems explained, “We don’t just sign our clients up and leave them to it, we work closely with them, supporting them to understand and integrate the system fully, maximising the benefits that can be achieved for them and their clients.”

Door Data Systems worked closely with GPM from the outset, joining on presentations to GPM clients as well as working with their clients directly as part of the unmatched after sale service.

Alan says “The after sales service for my clients is fantastic. Once we’ve installed the data plug, Door Data Systems then takes over the service with my clients and continues to help them. Jim keeps me in the loop with what’s going on with my clients which is great. The after sales from start to finish is 100%.”

Door Data Systems is a fully independent platform, allowing all manufacturers and installers to add their data with complete confidence.

We work with a wide variety of stakeholders, from fire door manufacturers, to installers, inspectors, facility managers and clients, demonstrating how we add value in real-world applications across the entire lifecycle of the door.

Alan adds, “If anyone’s using Door Data Systems, they won’t be disappointed. Not only does the product do exactly what it’s supposed to do, the level of service and communication is thorough. You can’t ask for more than that. The technical support that we’ve needed has all been provided.”

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