Navigating Fire Door Competence: Clearing the Confusion

Enhancing Fire Safety: The Crucial Role of ‘Awareness’ in the Supply Chain

At a recent event I attended, the panel was asked, “What is the single most significant benefit that the Building Safety Act has achieved so far?”  Whilst the were some specific answers around the role an individual may have, or a specific requirement or process being implemented, it was the word ‘AWARENESS’ that was decided upon.
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Navigating Fire Door Competence: Clearing the Confusion

In one of my recent conversations with a prominent training provider in the construction industry, the pressing need for clarity and consistency in fire door competency came to the forefront.
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Deciding Between Repair and Replacement: A Balanced Approach to Fire Door Maintenance

There have been some major works undertaken in the last few years with the replacement of fire doors, and in a lot of cases rightly so, and it could be said any improvements bringing building assets under current certification is not a bad thing.
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Understanding Fire Door Compliance: A Closer Look at New Door Installations

With many Housing providers getting embroiled with the legislation and guidance around fire doors, Door Data Systems MD James Campbell-Kerr unravels some of the misconceptions and key points to be aware of when procuring and receiving handover of projects.
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What makes Door Data Systems the first choice for Fire Door Inspectors?

Lee Kennedy from West Midland Fire Door Inspections Ltd is a strong advocate of Door Data Systems and its Fire Door Register. Following a recent visit to Door Data Systems training centre in Malvern, he was keen to offer a review of the system.
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Wates Living Space Adopts Door Data Systems Following Framework Success

Wates Living Space has recently adopted and further integrated Door Data Systems into their activity following success in using the system across some frameworks. Lisa Hickin, Project Surveyor, was delighted with the support Wates received in integrating the systems.
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