Building Safety Bill Reaches Royal Ascent – What it means for the Golden Thread of Information

In recent weeks, the Building Safety Bill received Royal Assent. The Bill has completed all the parliamentary stages in both Houses and now becomes an Act of Parliament. 

This is an important milestone, paving the way for the Health and Safety Executive to build a more rigorous and robust regulatory regime for high-rise buildings in England.  

Designers, clients, and contractors will need to collaborate to comply with building regulations and build good practice for managing information about the building – the Golden Thread of Evidence.

What is the golden thread of evidence?

You will likely have heard of the “Golden Thread of Evidence”, but do you know exactly how it is defined?

Here are the key principles explaining what it must consider…

  1. The Golden Thread will hold the information that those responsible for the building required to identify, understand, manage and mitigate building safety risks in order to prevent or reduce the severity of the consequences of fire spread, or structural collapse throughout the lifecycle of the building. The information stored in the golden thread will be reviewed and managed so that the information retained at all times achieves this purpose.
  1. The Golden Thread covers both the information and documents and the information management processes (or steps) used to support building safety. The government has defined the information as including all the information necessary to understand and manage risks to prevent or reduce the severity of the consequences of fire spread, or structural collapse in a building.
  1. The Golden Thread of Information should be stored as structured digital information. It will be stored, managed, maintained and retained in line with the Golden Thread principles. The government will specify digital standards, which will provide guidance on how the principles can be met.
  1. The digital thread information management approach will apply through design construction, occupation, refurbishment and on-going management of buildings. It supports the wider changes in the regime to promote a culture of building safety.
  1. Building safety should be taken to include the fire and structural safety of a building and the safety of all the people in or in the vicinity of a building – including emergency responders.

At Door Data Systems, we support all parties involved in the installation and maintenance of fire doors to evidence a comprehensive golden thread of evidence through our highly accessible and user-friendly app-based system. Our system complies with the principles of the Golden Thread and is fully independent.

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