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Understanding the industry across all sectors was key in developing what some describe as ‘the most advanced fire door management system’ on the market.

Our outline was created by gathering the knowledge of key members of the Door Data Systems team. We then consulted a cohort of industry professionals to ensure our system brings together a highly intelligent system that links the multiple trades and adds multiple benefits across the entire chain.

When we developed Door Data Systems, we had a clear vision of how it would look and the stages in its release. Additionally, we understood how by working with our partners (system users) the app would continue to develop, providing a leading system that continues to bring benefits that outweigh any user costs.

Door Data Systems focus remains in supporting changes in culture across all trades, providing solutions for each party to evidence exacting standards in turn supporting principal contractors, building owner and managers, as well as ensuring the correct information is shared and easily available door by door, reducing risk and supporting safer environments.


This is why clients should engage an independent third party not linked to the supply chain to verify compliance during the installation. TPC alone is not proof of compliance. The inspection process will sit with the Accountable Person, and they are the ones who will have to justify their decision on intrusive or non-intrusive surveys. The app provides a question with regards non-intrusive fire stopping with a simple answer of ‘unable to confirm’

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Door Data Systems, quite simply is leading the way in sharing best practices, supporting the fire door industry in demonstrating high standards through comprehensive record keeping, training and support.